Today I was talking to a friend that lives in Old Lake Highlands and we were talking about the value of information that comes across my desk on a daily basis because I am the business manager of a medical practice (where my husband is the doctor).

I mentioned to him that I have a friend whose husband works for Borden and they need to choose a new insurance plan. So, she asked me which plan I thought was the best one for her family. So I told her that she just needs to look at how often they visit the doctor in a year. She has young children and she and her husband are healthy, so she said that they usually only need a doctor once or twice a year. Well, if you don’t go to the doctor very often then there is no need to pay for an expensive plan where you have a low deductible and only have to pay a copay for each office visit. You will save more money by having a higher deductible and no copy because it will save you money each month on your insurance bill. I mean why would you pay $500 a month for the privilege of only needing to pay $20 the three times a year when you need to see the doctor? The average doctor visit probably cost around $100 dollars and you can save more than that each month on your insurance bill if you choose a high deductible with NO copay. Insurance is supposed to be there if you have to be admitted to the hospital, not for tonsillitis or the flu.