BestCare’s service is fast and efficient.

Traditionally, a family doctor didn’t just know you. He also knew your parents, sisters and brothers; i.e., he knew your entire family and all their medical histories. Now when someone like that performs a diagnosis, he is drawing on a much larger body of useful and correct information from which to conclude (A) what ill your symptoms correspond to and (B) the best treatment and dosage to treat it.

Primary Care Services

General illnesses
Annual physicals
School physicals
Well-woman exams
Pregnancy tests
Flu shots and flu tests
Medical check-ups
HIV screenings
COVID-19 testing

Urgent Care

Minor emergencies
Accidental injuries
Scrapes and lacerations
Strains and sprains
Physical therapy
Eye injuries
Foreign body removals
Internal fractures
Chemical exposure

Exam Room Themes

Each of our exam rooms is decorated in a theme to make your visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Italy Exam Room

Italy-themed Exam Room

Music Exam Room

Music-themed Exam Room

Ocean Exam Room

Ocean-themed Exam Room

Hollywood Exam Room

Hollywood-themed Exam Room

Expert care and unique decor makes BestCare fun

As an avid collector of antiques and collectibles, Dr. Carlson presents many of his favorites at BestCare. These change all the time, so there’s always something new to see and enjoy!

An original Batmobile from the 1950s.

Original hand-drawn artwork used to produce Mad Magazine’s much-beloved Spy vs. Spy cartoons.

An antique penny arcade in the waiting room.

Medical Records

We maintain secure digital files and extensive hardcopy medical records with notes from Dr. Carlson for all patients, providing vital insight. If knowledge is power, medical knowlege means greater power to prevent, dianose and heal illnesses… something you can’t get from an emergency room or commercial walk-in clinic where you enter as a stranger. There is just no subsitute for a family practice where the doctor knows you.